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Biocomposite systems

Study and preparation of matrices for advanced biocomposite systems and active or functional components synthesis which can be incorporated into these matrices represent the main focus of the research group. Polymer gels made from synthetic and natural biocompatible and biodegradable materials are preferentially selected as the raw materials. A noteworthy special case is the use of bacterial cellulose prepared in our own developed bioreactors and methods. These gels serve e.g. for wound dressing in medicine, can be applied in pervaporation and are tested as electrolytes and membranes in supercapacitors in cooperation with the group “Composites with electric and magnetic properties.” Mineralised gels can be used as templates in bone tissue replacement surgery. The filler based on carbonates is prepared directly inside the gel matrix by the method of biomimetic mineralization. Synthetic polypetoid and peptoid nanosheets with significant bioactivity are used as functional additives.

Head of the group: doc. Nabanita Saha, M.Sc. Ph.D.

Implemented projects

TG03010052 - Sub-project "Use of magnetic hydrogel in the footwear", 2018-2019

TG03010052 - Sub-project "Polymer-based gel containing mumio", 2018-2019

IGA/CPS/2018/008 - "Bacterial cellulose based bioactive and functional biomaterials: preparation and characterization", 2018

Research outcomes


Citation data: Molbank, ISSN: 1422-8599, Vol: 2017, Issue: 1, Page: M925 Publication Year: 2017

High energy-density organic supercapacitors based on optimum matching between GNS/ a MWCNT@polyaniline nanocone arrays cathode and GNS/ a MWCNT@poly(1,5-diaminoanthraquinone) nanoparticles anode

Citation data: Chemical Engineering Journal, ISSN: 1385-8947, Vol: 326, Page: 9-16 Publication Year: 2017

Peptoids and polypeptoids: biomimetic and bioinspired materials for biomedical applications

Citation data: Polymer Bulletin, ISSN: 0170-0839, Vol: 74, Issue: 8, Page: 3455-3466 Publication Year: 2017


Head of the group: doc. Nabanita Saha, M.Sc. Ph.D.

Senior researcher

prof. Ing. Petr Sáha, CSc.

+420 57 603 1709 A409
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Junior researcher

Ph.D. Students



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