Projects of internal grant agency

IGA/CPS/2020/001 - Biocompatibility and antimicrobial activity of materials
Ing. Martina Kašparová

IGA/CPS/2020/002 – Bioactive polymer systems for environmental applications
Ing. Petra Válková 

IGA/CPS/2020/003 – Preparation and characterization of nanoparticles for advanced applications
Ing. Alžběta Vávrová 

IGA/CPS/2020/005 - Optimization of fermentation process for the production of Kombucha Biomass Cellulose (KBC) using sour whey waste
Hau Trung Nguyen, MSc.

IGA/CPS/2020/006 - Influence of Modifications Dispersion Particles on the Utility Properties of Magnetorheological Systems
Ing. Erika Kutálková

IGA/CPS/2020/007 - Influence of razor blade on minimal energy necessary for crack growth in rubber
Ing. Aleš Machů

IGA/CPS/2020/008 - Influence of nanostructured carbonized substrates on performance of flexible pressure sensors
Ing. Romana Daňová

SVK/CPS/2020/001 - Student´s scientific conference IGA CPS 2020 
Assoc. Prof. Ing. et Ing. Ivo Kuřitka, Ph.D. et Ph.D. 




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